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The Global Platform on Participation and Protest is an interactive website where demands for meaningful political participation, economic justice, human rights, and the rights of groups, minorities and the environment can be documented, analyzed by people in movements as well as by academic researchers and journalists; its online data-visualization tools for analysis and strategy-building also hold the potential in future to link to other useful public data sets.

Who We Are
The project is managed cooperatively by its current publisher, FES New York, it’s Blog Editor and its independent Curators in consultation with an informal board of Advisors.

Sara Burke for FES

Justin Wedes

Dana Watters

Ahmed Abou Hussein
Nana Koomah Brown-Orleans
Cai Yiping
akshay khanna
Nessa Ní Chasaide
Emem Okon
Vicente Rubio

Adham Aboul Einein
Pablo Nicolas Gonzales
Naomi Hossain
Jack Linchuan Qiu
Lucia Nader
Paul O’Connell
Pablo Ortellado
Isabel Ortiz
Eduardo Romanos
Hernán Cortés Saenz
Anya Schiffrin
Beverly Silver
Sebastian Vielmas

Ivy Zheyu Chen
Paul Dechov
Erica Hyman
Anton Kulikov
Amit Schechter
Natalie Wesson
Hermann Zschiegner

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